09 July 2015

QUIRK: Collective Design & Space in Geelong

Quirk Collective is found on Geelong’s favourite “strip” shopping area, Pakington Street.  

This cosmopolitan street runs approximately 3.4 km's from West Geelong in the north to the river end of Newtown in the south. The West Geelong section has an Italian flavour thanks to the Italian immigrants of the 1950’s, while the Newtown end retains the Edwardian and Victorian architecture and character of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. 

The ethos of the Quirk Collective Design & Space is to provide a plethora of art and design items that are created by artists & designers who are either independent, local, sustainable, ethical and, or unique. These items range from ethically made designer clothing, jewellery and homewares, through to creative children's games and of course, plenty of art! 
STELLA BLANCHE is happy to now be a part of this range!

Both of Quirk's founders are artists/designers in their own right and have hand selected all items, so you'll be sure to fall in love the minute you walk in the door!

Shop 85 Pakington Street
Geelong West 3218
03 5229 9930

29 June 2015


Cara Dress by STELLA BLANCHE 100% wool $189

Blue Satin Glaze Stonewear by BETTINA WB $35

We'll make this one short and sweet- all you need to know about this gorgeous boutique is:

It's located at 105 Therry St, Melbourne. 
It stocks ALL Australian Made women's clothing, jewellery and home wears.
It's another wonderful place to find S T E L L A  B L A N C H E!!!!

For enquiries email catblackshop@gmail.com
ph: 0488 225 959

20 May 2015


Mantilla Jacket by S T E L L A  B L A N C H  E  $189. Image by Bryony Jackson.

We have decided it's time to thank the boutiques and outlets who provide a platform for Melbourne-made designer labels. Without their support, designers such as ourselves, may we be established, or fledgling, would not be able to exist!

Today we are featuring LUPA, who opened their Westgarth store in 2001 in response to increase in disposable fashion with unethical methods of production.  With a flourishing scene of small-scale collections being produced by local designers, owner Davina Adamson wanted to develop a platform just for them, and 14 years later enter LUPA number two, in Fitzroy!
Visit either store for a generous selection of all Melbourne- Made designer fashion, including 
S T E L L A  B L A N C H E!! 

LUPA- Northcote
55 High Street
(03) 9481 1614

LUPA- Fitzroy
77 smith St
(03) 94151879